Monday, April 6, 2009


It has been a long time since I have blogged. I didn't realize how long until I started this post and saw the date. I have been on the computer in small spurts (Facebook and such) because with a broken foot, I do better with it up instead of in a sitting position. Hopefully, after this coming Friday and with a good report from the Dr. and x-rays, I will be able to take off the boot and get back to a somewhat normal existence!

In the last post, I reported that I was on a diet. I am still on a diet (as I have been most of my life!). Since I began on 1-1-09, I have lost 18 1/2 lbs. Because I have broken my foot, in the last 5 weeks I have been able to do no walking. That has limited my loss per week, but God is good and has allowed me to loose or maintain. I am on this diet with 2 friends who are prayer warriors - you know - people who promise to pray and you darn well know they're going to pray! We not only pray for one another but we also encourage and support one another. It is soooooo easy to get discouraged when you slip up and eat something that you shouldn't. Confessing to someone who is going through the same temptations you are and knows how you feel, is a great way to get back on track fast.

I finished up my Bible study of Daniel last week. WOW! How exciting this time around. I have studied Daniel in the past but not with the intensity as this past 12 weeks. I learned so much. In the past I have never really wanted to know what is going to take place in the last days. It didn't matter to me - I was saved - ready to go - knew He had a mansion prepared for me - couldn't wait. With this study I have learned much about His plan. How to reconcile Daniel and Revelation - that they go hand in hand. My mind has changed. I hunger to know more and am going to other sources to use along with His Word. Daniel lived a life of integrity. I want to be a Daniel. I want to live my life so that God can use me.

Well, spring has come and gone here in East Tennessee. Yesterday it was in the mid seventies - sandal weather. Today it is 36 and snowing - fuzzy sock weather. We have this beautiful red bud tree outside our living room window. I should have known when it went into full bloom, we were going to get a snow! That's the way April is - very unpredictable!

At the top of this post is a picture of my grandson Brandon and his fiance' Keyna. It was taken at their wedding shower yesterday. It was a fun time with family and friends. The ladies giving the shower had more than outdone themselves with food, food and more food (all the better to have fun with!). It was a perfect occasion to cheat on a diet!


Sue said...

Welcome back to "Blogland", Donna!
Glad to hear your foot is on the mend and hope you get a good report on Friday! I broke my leg a couple years ago. The funny part of it was, I was taking a medical terminology class at the same time. Guess what we were studying when I broke it? The skeletal system. Having a broken leg and learning about what all COULD have gone wrong (surgeries and such) made me thank God it wasn't worse! (I jumped up at work to get a cup of coffee, tripped over my mouse cord and BLAM...LOL)

I would love to be in a study of Daniel! I SOOO believe we are in the endtimes now. I am like you...not really worried about it (other than lost loved ones and friends)but it sounds like God commands us to live in a certain way while we wait. I need to get a study guide and do my own study...

Good luck on your diet! And enjoy spring when it finally decides to stay. My husband and I SOOOO wish we could retire to Tennessee. Are you anywhere near Cosby?

Have a GREAT week. God Bless.

Greg P. said...

Hey Donna:

You posted!! Just kidding, I have been following you and the rest of my TN buds on Facebook.

Brandon and his fiance look very happy and just a beautiful couple. I will pray that all goes well for them as they enter into a lifetime commitment.

donnaj said...

Sue - We are about an hour and a half from Cosby. We love that area but do not like to face the tourists and the crowds. Cosby is close to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and is a very popular place to vacation and take long weekends (we've done our share of that too!). Where we live in Erwin is very much like the Cosby area. We live just next to the North Carolina state line at Asheville. Come to Tennessee to retire. We'd love to have you!