Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Me.........Finally

It only stands to reason that someone who likes to talk as much as I do should have posted on her blog at least once since October 25th. It has been a fast and furious month - one that I am glad is gone. Hubby and I have worked two weeks at the campground. Brought our camper home. Winterized it and covered it with this massive cover that required MUCH work to get on. I helped at church to get our ladies fall fashion show planned and worked the night of the event. In between I cleaned our house that had been terribly neglected for far too long, had Dr and Dentist appointments, made Christmas ornaments with Lake and Kaden one night to put on my tree and determined that time was flying before my eyes and that before I knew it, the cover will come off the camper and spring will be here! I look forward to that time but for right now I am content to sit inside and wait for the snow they are predicting tonight.

Our dogs, Bodie and Chessy, are so glad that we have finally settled down. Each time we would leave they would wait to see if they were going to get to ride in the car or if they were going to be waiting on the chair, looking out the window in order to alert the neighbors that Mom and Dad were home. Their favorite spots are laying on afghans beside us in our chairs. It takes so little to make them happy and they love unconditionally. Oh to be so easily pleased!

We are fast approaching my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving has always been the best time of the year to me. In fact, fall is and has always been my season. I love the colors, the smells, warm days and cool nights. Fall decorations are the best! My house, unlike some that I will not mention, is still in the fall decorating mode and will be until after Thursday. Thanksgiving deserves full recognition - not a blip on the holiday radar. Halloween gets more time than Thanksgiving and really deserves none (that's just my personal opinion)! Before long Thanksgiving will be squeezed out all together. It is truly a family time - not a present time - but, if observed correctly, a time for us to "Be Still & Know" from whom all our blessings flow and give Him the credit and thanks for all we have. I only hope my grandchildren will know what a precious time Thanksgiving can be when we place emphasis on the privileges we have as Christians and as Americans. Hubby and I are going to be with Lisa, Mitchell, Brandon, Kena, and Zack at their house on Thursday. My only contribution will be broccoli casserole and 4 chairs. I look forward to getting together with them, eating good food, and not having to clean up. That is the way it's supposed to be for guests, isn't it?

Well, enough chatter. I better go and see if it's snowing yet. I love snow until the 31st of December. That's when I begin to long for spring (even though spring hasn't showed up here in East Tennessee before May the past few years). I'm hoping that Mark Reynolds (our local weatherman) got it all wrong and instead of 1 to 2 inches in the mountains (that's me) we get 5 inches! Hope - Hope!