Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Here!

Well, Easter is finally here. The holiday that all Christians eagerly await all year. Oh, we love the meaning of Christmas, but it is just the beginning. Easter is the observance of our Christian faith that reminds us that Christ has given us victory over death and sin through His Resurrection. I read each morning from "Our Daily Bread". It is published through RBC Ministries and every day I find spiritual truths that I need for that particular time in my life. I hope that I won't violate some law by posting here some of today's lesson, but I thought it was so relevant to the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. So if I get in trouble, I am going to plead ignorance!

The Day With No Name
In Louisiana, a woman lies buried beneath a grove of 150-year-old oak trees in the cemetery of an Episcopal church. Only one word is carved on her tombstone: "Waiting."
A friend of mine knows an elderly pastor who delivered a stirring Good Friday sermon titled "It's Friday, but Sunday's Comin'." In a cadence that increases in tempo and volume, his sermon contrasts how the world looked on Friday - when the forces of evil seemed to have triumphed - with how it looked on Sunday. The disciples who lived through both days never doubted God again. They learned that when God seems most absent, He may be closest of all.
The sermon skips one day, though - Saturday - the day with no name. What the disciples lived through in small scale, we now live through on cosmic scale. It's Saturday on planet earth; will Sunday ever come?
That dark, Golgothan Friday can only be called good because of what happened on Sunday Easter opened up a crack in a universe winding down toward decay. And someday God will enlarge the miracle of Easter to cosmic scale.
Meanwhile, we wait in hopeful anticipation, living out our days on Saturday, the in-between day with no name.
it's Saturday. But Sunday's comin'. -- Phillip Yancey
Thought for the day: God took the worst deed of history and turned it into the greatest victory!
Happy, Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!


jcdisciple said...

Oh, good!! It seems like such a long Saturday doesn't it? Nevertheless, I'm glad for it because when the final Sunday comes many won't have a chance to change their minds. I just thought about the fact that there were preparations during Saturday, work to be done, people to be ministered to, so I guess that IS WHERE WE ARE NOW isn't it? Can't wait until tomorrow. Can't you just feel it building in your spirit?

Sue said...

Thank you so much for this post. What a beautiful reminder of the plan of God.

And I echo the sentiments of "jcdisciple". It does seems so long till Sunday, but there are so many who are not ready.

Hope many lives are touched by the Word in your services Easter morning.

Because He Lives...

Greg P. said...


Maybe the day before Easter Sunday should be called Anticipation Saturday.

Very good post and I don't think any true Christian organization would be upset that you reprinted their writings to further the cause of Christ, as long as you didn't do it for personal gain.

Have a wonderfully blessed Easter Sunday!